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L to R : Ed Mitchell, Dennis Udlinek, Sharon Watson, Sue Stadler

Our professional Web site staff is made up of Idaho outdoor devotees with over 60 combined years of writing, editing, and publishing about Idaho's great recreational opportunities.

Sharon Watson shot most of the hunting and fishing photos for Idaho fish 'n' hunt. Her photography from Idaho and the Baja Penninsula has appeared in regional and national publications for more than 25 years. She writes for business publications as well as outdoor and adventure travel magazines. Sharon also manages our Marketing Dept. for our sponsors accounts, and our online Publications section, which includes her own book, How to Build a Low-Cost House of Stone. Sharon co-published the book after she and her late husband, the outdoor writer Lewis Watson, built a stone house in the remote hills 50 miles north of Boise. You can reach Sharon by email at: skwatson@idfishnhunt.com

Ed Mitchell grew up hunting and fishing along the Snake River of southern Idaho. He has been a newspaperman, outdoor columnist and editor for more than 20 years. Ed published the Idaho Outdoor Digest magazine, Idaho Hunting Outlook & Guide, Idaho's Top 30 Fishing Waters and recently co-published Montana, Idaho & Wyoming Top 45 Fishing Waters. He is now at work on an Idaho warmwater fishing book. Ed serves as Hunting editor for Idaho fish 'n' hunt.

When not writing or working in the darkroom, Sharon and Ed fish and hunt, often within sight of their stone house. Sharon's favorite hunt is for mule deer, but she is almost as enthusiastic on the trail of elk and antelope. A self-described "bass junkie," Sharon will be out on the water when surface plugging is hot. Ed is an ardent shotgunner for ducks, goose, quail, chukars and grouse, plus a life-long fly fisherman. (Ed has some success with bass, but only when he will listen to Dennis and Sharon.) You can reach Ed by email at: emitchel@idfishnhunt.com

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  • Dennis Udlinek grew up in a small town along the banks of the Snake River in Southwestern Idaho. In his early years Dennis enjoyed fishing and hunting all over Southern Idaho. After spending the past twenty years as a bass fishing enthusiast, Dennis has traveled all over the United States seeking out the mighty bronzeback and black bass. He has been eight times an Idaho State Bass Fishing Team member and competed in tournaments all over the U.S. As an award-winning outdoor writer, in the past ten years, he has contributed to Idaho's Top 30 Fishing Waters, the Idaho Outdoor Digest, Idaho Outback and Northwest Outdoors. His articles have also appeared in Bassmaster Magazine, Bass West, and Bass Times. Dennis is currently a member of both the Northwest Outdoor Writer's Association, and the Outdoor Writers of America. As an avid fisherman, whether it be with fly or plug, by boat or bank, Dennis has spent almost forty years exploring Idaho's rivers, lakes and streams. Dennis is Co-Publisher of Idaho fish 'n' hunt and can be contacted at dudlinek@idfishnhunt.com.

    Sue Stadler enjoys most outdoor sports, including backpacking, white-water rafting, hiking, and cross-country skiing -- anything which allows her to commune with nature. She and Dennis do much "adventuring" together, and each excursion usually includes some fishing. She enjoys the challenge of landing "a big one" as much as anyone. Sue has published a book and numerous articles of a professional nature in conjunction with her work as a psychotherapist and consultant to local courts. She is the generalist on the team -- the Jill-of-all-trades (and interests) -- and will provide much of the information about adventures you can tack onto your fishing and hunting trips to Idaho.

    Are you interested in hiking into a mountain lake for that trophy fish -- or just for the solitude? How about a soak in a natural hot spring after a day of hunting or fishing? Such hot springs abound in Idaho, and Sue has made a quest of experiencing as many of them as possible. How about fishing from a raft or drift boat while enjoying the thrills of Idaho's whitewater? Sue has rafted most of these rivers. Want to take in some interesting side trips? Sue can tell you about most of the points of interest in Idaho. She's a third generation Idaho native and very proud of all her state has to offer. She enjoys sharing it with others and asks only that you treat it kindly during your visit. All the people involved in Idaho fish 'n' hunt value the beauty and resources of this state and are active in numerous conservation efforts. You can contact Sue by email at: sstadler@idfishnhunt.com

    Idaho fish 'n' hunt L.L.C. is a product of Spring Creek Communications 8425 Spring Creek Way Boise, ID. 83703 e-mail: askus@idfishnhunt.com 208-939-0321

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