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Fishing in Idaho Is Hot
by Idaho Fish ‘n’ Hunt

Summer is here and makes all good fisherpeople want to go fishing!

Though Idaho’s fishing waters are open year-around (except for “Special Rule Waters.” Check your current fishing regulations.), Springtime started the heart pumping, fishing boats cleaned up, float tubes aired up, and fishing gear undusted. Now it is time to go.

Rainbow trout are being stocked in local waters. Take the kids and check out the Family Fishing Waters in your area. These particular waters are especially good for families, easy fishing and good fishing.

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benrossPonds tend to be ignored because they’re small, scattered, sometimes undeveloped, often downright ugly, and marginally accessible to trailered boats, but great for float tubes and small portables — and for the kids, ponds are perfect, unintimidating, fun to explore and good fishing because they are often stocked. Many include panfish, bass, and catfish. If the waters are stable and don’t have high mortality, the bass can grow quite large over time. (Check Other Useful Information at the bottom of this article.)

Check with your local sporting goods dealers for the word-of-mouth report on who’s catching what, where and on what.

Fish become active in shallow waters as early as March or April. This provides winter-weary “lowlanders” close-to-home sport. In summer, sunlight and scorching heat put pond fish down in mid-day, making twilight fishing more effective.

Ponds are usually murky, though a few river sloughs and deep-canyon reservoirs remain clear. If you have fair success fishing slow jigs and plastic worms in discolored ponds, you may boat five times as many largemouths on brightly-colored crankbaits and spinnerbaits. Besides the color-and-noise “attractor” quality of such lures in murky pond waters, their ceaseless cast-and-crank presentation was covering far more water and reaching many more bass.

Spring surface plugging for bass can be hot all day, but summer usually means these lures are best used at dawn or dusk or on overcast days. Even under bright sunshine, though, crankbaits retrieved near bottom two to eight feet deep are constantly smacked.

In the waters stocked with trout, families should have fun all day fishing with small lures and worms.

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Fishing waters are open all year except for “Special Rule Waters.” Check your Fishing Regulations for 2013 — 2015. It’s a 3-year Rule Book now. You can pick these up at your local sporting goods store.

Family Fishing Waters provide a high likelihood of catching fish for the whole family with simplified rules. See the Family Fishing Waters List for each region of the state.

Free Fishing Day is the Second Saturday in June of every year (June 8 for 2013).

See Fish Stocking Schedules for each part of the state where fish stocking is occurring at this time.

There are over 2,000 lakes, reservoirs, and ponds in Idaho. For a list with maps of 600 of these, see itouchmap

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