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Noteworthy Summer Fishing Notes
by Sharon Watson

LITTLE CAMAS RESERVOIR: As of May 7 through September 30, 2013, Idaho Department of Fish and Game has issued a “Salvage Order,” removing fishing limits from Little Camas Reservoir. No bag, possession or size limits because the reservoir will be slowly drained for irrigation. Fish may be taken by any means except firearms, explosives, chemicals or electrical current. You still are required to have a fishing license.

Be careful about fishing this reservoir and then going somewhere else to fish taking your Little Camas catch with you. The fish in your possession will count as if you caught them in the new location, and you’d be in violation of possession limits elsewhere.

MAGIC RESERVOIR: Magic Reservoir Hydroelectric faced fines of up to $32,000 per day if repairs at the dam were not made, so the lake was drained enough to make those repairs late in 2012. It has been filling up since Dec. 7. Update: As of July, 2013, Magic had been depleted due to drawdowns for irrigation, and the reservoir did not meet the local farmers needs. The reservoir contained only 2.6 percent of its capacity. At this point in time, it’s a giant mud hole.

C. J. STRIKE RESERVOIR: Due to Homeland Security concerns, Idaho Power was required to permanently close two access points on C. J. Strike Reservoir. Walk-in access to the dam and its associated spillway — (where anglers fished for perch and trout) is no longer allowed. Barriers are being erected, also to the dam’s tailrace where anglers fished for sturgeon.

BLACK CANYON RESERVOIR: In October, 2012, Black Canyon Reservoir also was being drained for repairs (putting in a third hydroelectric generator, and general maintenance). There’s one fish left in the lake. Just kidding. But, it’s probably not good in the river either, since besides washing the fish downstream, the sediment accumulated for years in the reservoir was washed downstream burying fish eggs and causing a muddy mess. The reservoir was pretty full again by March, but the fishery may not be back what it was for some time.

LAKE PEND OREILLE: The lake’s kokanee and trout fisheries are coming back from the brink. Fishing should be good this year. (Kokanee are landlocked salmon that die after they spawn at the age of 3 or 4.)

LAKE COEUR D’ALENE: Bassmaster Magazine rates Lake Coeur d’Alene No. 11 in the country for bass fishing. (It was No. 9 in the Top 100 list in 2012.) Bud Frasca of North West Classic Tackle in Hayden says a lot of bass are being caught during fishing tournaments this year.

HAYDEN LAKE: The trolling bite is hot for kokanee on Hayden Lake. Kokanee have been in there for a couple years, but people are just realizing there is a kokanee fisheries there. Bass fishing is great there also (and panfish and trout from shore or in boats.)

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