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Can you say,.. Nine Footer! How’s Fishing,...good!
Report from Professional Guide, Tim Thomason
Date: Sept. 1st, 2000
The water is low and the fish are holding in deep holes so the fishing is great! We've been catching fish regularly, and fall fishing is rated excellent!! We are booking through October so get your dream trip scheduled before you miss out on the best time of the year to fish for these monsters!

Give us a call (1-888-892-2895) for some great summer/fall fishing! The best baits seem to be smelt and "morts," (juvenile trout smolt that have died at the local hatchery, hence "morts" meaning "mortality").

Summer/Fall 2000 - Other great catches by a Thomason client!!.
Another great sturgeon fishing success! Another great sturgeon fishing success!

One Day Excursions
    Minimum of 2 persons, maximum 4 persons.
    Cost: $250 per person (min.), each additional person $150

    Prices do not include 5% State Tax and 3% Federal Use Tax
    Inquire about private party, overnight trips, and summer night fishing trips
Enjoy the beauty of Idaho's Snake River Put yourself in this picture ......
    Call Now for Reservations:
    (208) 324-5598
    Toll Free 1-888-892-2895
    Fill out the information request form!

    Call for your trip reservations today -- to ensure your preferred schedule
    Toll Free 1-888-892-2895

Guide, Tim Thomason with his Custom Weld jet boat
Guide, Tim Thomason with his Custom Weld jet boat.

Check out our "new" Custom Weld jet boat! Fully equipped with the best safety equipment plus a hardtop and wind shield for your comfort. On board is all the fishing gear you need to catch these monsters! Lunch and refreshments included.

All you need to bring is attire for the current weather. After you’ve booked your sturgeon fishing trip -- call the day before to confirm expected weather conditions.

These ancient fish grow over ten feet long and can weigh over 2000 pounds! Sturgeon caught on one-day excursions to the Snake River are commonly between five to seven feet long.

Call Now, and let’s get-to fishing!
Our Goal
    Our goal is to provide our customers with a unique and memorable sturgeon fishing experience at an affordable price, while sharing the history and unmatched beauty of southern Idaho’s Snake River
    -- Thomason Outfitters
    -- Tim

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