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Why Go Online?

  • 60 million people are using the net -- worldwide. This number is growing by thousands a day.

  • More than half the users are from the United States.

  • One study predicts 200 million users by the year 2000. Only three years away.

  • More and more other countries are going online.

  • The World Wide Web offers inexpensive advertising at this time. How much are you paying now for an ad in a monthly magazine? Or daily newspaper? Compare. You save 500% or more over traditional advertising

  • Your "store" is open 24-hours -- around the globe.

  • If Idaho residents and non-residents are your target, then Idaho fish 'n' hunt is your bull's-eye.

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  • 34% of travelers polled knew about booking trips online, (though most were not yet doing it because the research is time-consuming). To offset this problem, Idaho fish 'n' hunt has Beck Travel's adventure division: "WORLDWIDE OUTDOOR ADVENTURES" to provide all the online services of a travel agent.

    Web Facts & Statistics

  • 10% of Net users surveyed in the U.S. say they use the Net almost exclusively to buy goods and services (largely through the use of credit cards) instead of going out to shop.

  • Two separate surveys show almost 3 million people who purchase on the Net.

  • Sales on the Net have reached $436 million so far this year.

  • One prediction is that Web-generated sales will reach $46 billion by 1998 because small to medium-sized Web markets continue to grow. Another more conservative prediction is that Web site sales will reach only $10 billion by the year 2001.

  • Advertisers spent $150 million on the Net in 1996; prediction is that it will reach $2 billion by the year 2000.

  • Advertisers are reporting that the Net is responsible for sales increases ranging from 10% to 1000%.

  • E-mail on the Internet is an easier, cheaper mode of communication. The U. S. postal system is suffering as a result of e-mail.

  • 39% of U.S. adults have a computer in their home, 24% with a modem: numbers that are up 33% from last year. 77% browse the internet once a day.

  • Most computers sold in the last couple years have included equipment and software for the Internet.

  • One-third to one-half of subscribers to fishing and hunting magazines own computers.

  • 200,000 anglers visited Idaho in 1995.

  • Almost 10% of American hunters are women, and the numbers have been growing in recent years.

  • 29% of U.S. adults own some type of recreation product; 64% own sporting goods. Each percentage point represents 1.9 million households.

  • 11 million Americans own an outboard power boat.

  • 7 million Americans own a travel trailer.

  • About 10 million Americans own camping equipment.

  • 57 million Americans own a fishing rod, and more Americans bought rods and reels in the past year than any other type of sporting goods. The next highest sale was for bicycles.

  • 25 million Americans own a hunting rifle, and 23 million own a shotgun.

  • About 68% of Internet users are male, 32% are women. Women users are growing at about 2% per year.

  • Average age of Internet users is 33 years, 53% have a college degree, and the average salary of users is $59,000.

  • Occupations of users: almost 30% in education; 29% have computer-related positions; about 19% are "professionals" with 11% in management.

  • Getting online is likely to be more complicated, difficult and expensive in the future.

  • The internet equalizes the playing field. Your Home Page is as visible and accessible as the online advertising of the "big guys."

  • This is the future of marketing. The number of Web sites going online more than double every day. "It's the ultimate revenge of the nerd. A revolution in communication." -- NBC News, 1/2/96

    Updated: 3/15/97
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