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Landowners Co-Op Hunting Club

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200,000 prime, privately owned acres offer your choice of native:
Hunting Club
  • elk
  • deer
  • mountain lion
  • black bear
  • coyote
  • bobcat
  • wild turkey
  • upland game birds
  • waterfowl
  • wild boar

  • Wild Boar
    33 species of exotics, including goats, sheep, bison, boar and more!

    Guiding is available for all these species plus fishing trips for steelhead, sturgeon, trout and bass.

    Membership is required because our club works closely with selected landowners in Idaho, Oregon and Washington to offer the highest quality hunt while protecting the health of wildlife populations and landowners' assets at the same time.

    These prime hunting properties have, in most cases, not been open to public hunting for years, if ever. Except for our club, these lands would remain closed.

    Guiding, if desired, varies in cost according to species. Trophy fees required in some cases.

    Mountain Lion & Turkey Hunting
    2001 Membership Dues:
    General $500
    Small Game $800
    Big Game $3,500
    Full Membership
    (all species plus 3 days guiding)

    Single Species Memberships
    Antlerless deer $200
    Antlerless elk $450
    Turkey $500
    Upland birds $500
    Furbearer $350
    Cougar $550
    Deer $1,000
    Elk $1,500
    Bear $700
    (over bait - Idaho only)
    Visitor bird pass 1 day $50
    3 day $125

    Reduce your fees by 50% for each additional state you hunt.

    Primitive weapon, corporate, group and family discounts available

    For more information and applications: Ask for Ed
    Landowners Co-Op Hunting Club
    Lewiston, Idaho

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