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Snout full of fish! Taken from actual client letters:
Snout full of sturgeon!!

Dear Tim,

It's now been 2-1/2 weeks since you took us on our fishing expedition on the Snake River, and I still can't decide which of the three parts was the best.

The JET-BOAT RIDE was a blast from start to finish. Just remembering slamming through the rapids at 60 still makes me laugh. Catching six sturgeon totalling over 31 feet and 400 pounds among the five of us was a once-in-a-lifetime event. That seven-footer sure put up a fight. But it is sobering to know that these big fish only put on perhaps a pound a year, and what an old living resource that makes the big ones. No wonder you treat these giants so gently. Bragging rights, and the pictures to prove it to the "real fishermen" back here in Omaha, are the fun now. It's one of those things that they just aren't going to believe unless they can see it with their own two eyes. And who can blame them?

But, in the long view, I suspect the best part of all will be the laughs and the memories we will share in years to come. After all, that is the part that is priceless, isn't it? Thanks for making it happen, and seem so easy besides!

Jack McClure
17511 T Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68135

Security Commercial Services

March 17, 1997
Mr. Tim Thomason
09 West 100 North
Jerome, Idaho 83338

Dear Tim,
When I show the pictures of six foot long fish jumping completely out of the water people think I have been to the bahamas or to the Gulf of California. I have a hard time convincing some of them that this kind of action is found on the Snake River in Idaho.

Thanks again for a fantastic trip. I have never caught so many pounds of terrific fighting fish in such a short time. Your hospitality was great and the secret of the fighting Snake River sturgeon is still safe!

Thanks again for a real fishing adventure and please know we are looking forward to seeing you in the near future. I look forward to finding some of the "big" fish you have described.
Bobb Burr
Robert D. Burr

March 17, 1997

Mr. Tim Thomason
9 West 100 North
Jerome, ID 83338

To Whom it May Concern:
During my most recent trip to Idaho, I had the distinct pleasure to enjoy a fishing trip that was guided by Tim Thomason. While I had originally hoped to simply enjoy an afternoon excursion up the beautiful Snake River, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the services offered by Tim far exceeded all of my expectations.

Tim's extensive knowledge of the environment that surrounds the Snake River was obvious. What was the most impressive to me was his commitment to its preservation. As he guided our party up the Snake, Tim was very thorough and precise in his explanation of the importance of the Snake as a resource to the Idaho economy.

I was also very appreciative of Tim's commitment to safety. On several occasions, it was obvious that the area in which we were traveling through could have presented a serious peril to the inexperienced navigator. However, prior to even leaving the docks, Tim had briefed our party as to the necessity of adhering to several safety precautions, both in and out of the boat. As we traveled to our fishing hole, we were all very comfortable with is navigational skills and his acknowledgment of the importance of safety.

Of course, the highlight of my trip was the sturgeon that I caught. Tim's experience in fishing for sturgeon combined with his "knack" for predicting their feeding habits led to my 4 foot fish. While Tim repeatedly voiced his disappointment that my fish hadn't been more substantial, I was more than satisfied with the thrill of reeling in one of the world's largest freshwater fish.

I would highly recommend Tim's services to all of my business partners, my friends, and my family. Tim truly put together a complete package that equated into a marvelous experience for all of those in our party. Tim's knowledge of the environment, his commitment to safety, and his ability to deliver the "big fish" truly made my visit to Idaho's Snake River a memorable one.
Brent Hunter
Brent Hunter
Phoenix, Arizona

HC 63 Box 52B
Hammett, ID 83627

March 24, 1997
To Whom it May Concern-
I have known Tim Thomason all his life. He is a very caring, honest and upright citizen. In the fall of 1995 I had the pleasure of being invited on a sturgeon fishing outing. Neither of us had much time, but he promised to show me how to catch a sturgeon. We met east of Glenns Ferry on the Snake River and went up the river several miles in his excellent jet powered boat.

This is a very picturesque canyon with outstanding rock formations and also wildlife such as deer, coyotes, eagles, chukars, ducks and geese. He stopped at one of his favorite holes. I couldn't believe that in 10 minutes we had our first sturgeon on the line. In the next 2 hours we caught 4 fish ranging from 3 feet to 7 feet.

Just recently I had the privilege to go with him again on a short afternoon trip. The water was very high this time and I didn't expect much success, but we caught 3 fish. This trip we travelled several more miles of the river. We saw where the pioneers crossed the river on the Oregon Trail at the Three Island Crossing at Glenns Ferry. Then through the canyon with rapids several miles upstream. We passed under the historical King Hill Bridge, built sometime in the early 1900's.

Tim is very knowledgeable of the river and how to navigate all the areas.
Daryl Keck
HC 63 Box 52B
Hammett, ID. 83627

Jack Puyear Agricultural Consulting

To Whom it May Concern:
I am writing this letter of recommendation for Mr. Tim Thomason, a sturgeon fishing guide extra ordinaire, of Jerome, Idaho. I have taken several trips on the Snake River in Southern Idaho with Tim and have had a completely enjoyable experience each time. The fishing was superb, the food a delight, and the company excellent. If you have never experienced the awesome power of a large sturgeon, then you are in for a treat. These ancient fish have power beyond belief when coupled with the current in the Snake River in Southern Idaho. Not only is the fishing fun, but the scenery is breathtaking. The channel carved by the draining of Lake Bonneville thousands of years ago created a beauty that can only be found in this part of the world.

I highly recommend a day trip with Tim, as I am positive you will find it well worth your time and hard earned money. Bon Voyage!!!
Sincerely yours,

Jack C. Puyear
Jack C. Puyear

Dear Tim,
I am writing this letter to thank you for the great time that I had sturgeon fishing. It was without a doubt the best time that I have had fishing in years. Your knowledge of where the sturgeon were hiding and what bait to use was impressive to say the least. Your navigational skills going through the white water while always watching out for the safety of others is a rare skill which I have extreme respect for. I also enjoyed the great outdoor barbecue and scenery that came with my trip. I have already tools a bunch of my friends that if they want a deep sea fishing adventure and a white water trip on the great Snake River all in one package to give you a call, so don't be surprised if your phone doesn't ring off the hook. I know I am looking forward to my next trip with you, so save me a seat.

Jerry S. Swisher
Jerry S. Swisher
Idaho Sturgeon

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