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fish 'n' hunt joins with to give you easy access to the best hunting, fishing, and other Idaho outdoor books. Titles will be mentioned from time to time throughout our pages wherever relevant to the subject matter. For your convenience a link will be provided to the exact page where each book is sold. In some cases, publisher information will be given instead. sells three million titles online, including our own publications. Yes, we have publishers, authors, and editors among us here at Idaho fish n hunt. Well tell you more about this later. Eventually, we will have an online catalog of our own books, plus others we highly recommend, as well as continue to mention books in our various pages.

If there is a book you already know you want to buy, but just havent found it or run onto it yet, go to and theyll usually have it for you. If it is out of print, they will still try to find a used copy for you, if youd like.

We hope you enjoy this new service from Idaho fish n hunt to help serve our viewers better. We are pleased to be an associate of Books. If you have a favorite title which you think we should offer to our customers, let us hear about it! Email our Book Editor, Sharon Watson at:

Wishing you good times in the outdoors!

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